Playing videos

Before videos can be played, they must be inserted into a playlist, in the same manner as patches, via the playlist dialog. Patches and videos are interchangeable in terms of playlist editing, and can be mixed freely within the same playlist bank. Playing videos is similar to playing patches, except that the crossfader isn't affected. Videos can have keys assigned to them, or MIDI messages mapped to them. Videos can also be played from within the playlist dialog, by simply double-clicking them.

Videos are always looped; once a video is played, it continues looping until a different video is played, or video is disabled via Image/Video/Select/None, the numeric keypad's decimal (Del) key, or the Video Select MIDI property.

The most recently played videos are cached for easy access. When a video is played, if it's found in the cache, it normally plays from wherever it last stopped, rather than from the beginning. This feature allows you to step through several videos at once, either by manually alternating between them, or automatically cycling them. If you prefer your videos to always play from the beginning, you can enable auto-rewind, using Image/Video/Auto-Rewind or Shift+Home. To explicitly rewind the currently playing video, use Image/Video/Rewind or Home.