A playlist is a list of patches. As of version 1.5, a playlist may also contain videos. Playlists are created and edited via the playlist dialog. To open a playlist, use File/Playlist/Open; to save it, use File/Playlist/Save. Playlists can also be opened and saved from within the playlist dialog, which has its own menus.

You can play patches from the playlist manually, via the keyboard or MIDI, or Whorld can autoplay the patches, like a jukebox. The transitions can be made gradual, using automated crossfades.

Patches can be assigned shortcut keys, which allow them to be played via the keyboard in Veejay mode. Patches can also be organized into banks. A playlist has twenty banks, and each bank can hold an unlimited number of patches.

A playlist doesn't actually store patches; instead, it stores links to patches. Consequently, when you modify a patch, any playlists that include that patch get the new version automatically. If patches are moved or renamed, broken links can occur; see missing files.

Playlists also store other data, including the effects, master dialog settings, and MIDI setup. In general, all non-patch settings are stored in the playlist, except for the options, which are stored in the registry.