Playlist dialog

This dialog allows you to create and edit playlists, play patches, assign keys to patches, and control autoplay. To show or hide the dialog, use View/Playlist or Shift+L. The dialog has its own menus, which differ from the main window's menus, e.g. the File menu opens and saves playlists instead of patches. The dialog's controls are as follows:

This is the list of patches in the current bank. To play a patch, double-click its name in the list. The list can be edited, using cut and paste or dragging; for details, see editing playlists.
This drop-list allows you to select a bank. Banks that contain patches can also be selected via the numeric keys, but to select an empty bank, you must use the drop-list.
Assign key
This hotkey control allows you to assign a shortcut key to a patch; for details, see assigning keys.
This button affects autoplay mode. When it's pressed, the patches are played in random order; otherwise, they're played sequentially.
This button enables autoplay mode. When it's pressed, Whorld plays the patches automatically, like a jukebox. The order depends on the Shuffle setting (see above). The duration of each patch is determined by Patch seconds (see below).
Patch seconds
This edit box affects autoplay mode: it sets the duration of each patch, i.e. the interval between patch changes, in seconds. It also sets the range of the Crossfade seconds slider (see below).
Crossfade seconds
These controls allow you to specify the playlist's crossfade time, in seconds. When the time is non-zero, each patch change starts an automated crossfade to the new patch.