Assigning keys

Before you can play patches from the keyboard, you must first assign keys to them, using the playlist dialog. You can assign keys individually, or let Whorld make the assignments for you. Each bank of patches has its own key assignments, but within a given bank, a key can only be assigned to one patch at a time.

To let Whorld make the assignments, choose Edit/Auto-Assign Keys from the playlist dialog's menus. This assigns keys A..Z to the first 26 patches, in QWERTY order.

Individual assignments are made using one of two methods: the "Assign key" hotkey control, or the Shift key. To use the hotkey control, do the following:

  1. Select the desired patch in the playlist, by left-clicking it.
  2. Left-click the hotkey control.
  3. Press the key you want to assign to the patch. Only keys A..Z are accepted. If the key is already assigned to another patch in the current bank, a warning dialog is displayed.
  4. Press Enter or Tab to complete the assignment.

The Shift key method is considerably easier: select the desired patch in the playlist, and while holding down the Shift key, press the key you want to assign. Again, only keys A..Z are accepted.

To remove one or more key assignments, first select the patches, and then choose Edit/Remove Key from the playlist dialog's menus, or press Backspace. You can also do this via the context menu: select one or more patches, right-click one of them, and then choose Remove Key.