Editing playlists

Playlists are created and edited using the playlist dialog. The playlist dialog has its own menus, which differ from the main window's menus. This topic refers to the playlist dialog's menus, and their shortcuts.

To insert patches into a playlist, use File/Insert Patches, or press Insert. A file dialog is displayed, allowing you select the patches. Press "Open" to insert the patches; they're inserted before the list's current position. To use the context menu instead, right-click the insert position, and choose Insert Patches. Patches can also be inserted by dragging them onto the playlist from Windows Explorer.

The playlist dialog has clipboard support, and the standard editing commands (copy, cut, paste, delete) behave as usual. For example, to copy patches to a different bank:

  1. Select the desired patches.
  2. Copy them to the clipboard, via Edit/Copy or Ctrl+C.
  3. Use the Bank drop-list to select the destination bank.
  4. Paste the patches, via Edit/Paste or Ctrl+V.

To use the context menu instead, select the desired patches, right-click one of them, choose Copy, select the destination bank, right-click the insert position, and choose Paste.

Patches can also be moved around within the list by dragging them. To move multiple patches at once, select them, and then drag the entire selection.