Cycling videos

Whorld can automatically step through the cached videos, while synchronizing the transitions with the master tempo. This feature is called video cycling. The cycling continues sequentially until the last video is reached, and then begins again with the first video. The order and contents of the cache can be changed during cycling, simply by playing videos. To enable or disable video cycling, use Image/Video/Cycle or Ctrl+J.

By default, the cycle includes all cached videos, but it's also possible to limit cycling to the N most recent videos, where N is the cycle length. To specify a cycle length, use Image/Video/Cycle Length, or press a number on the numeric keypad while holding down the Alt key, or use the Video Cycle Length MIDI property.

The cycle always starts with video 0, i.e. the video that corresponds to the Num0 key. For example, if a cycle length of four is specifed, the cycle will consist of videos 0, 1, 2, and 3. Note that if the cache isn't full, the cycle may be shorter than the specified length, because empty cache slots are skipped. The following table associates cycle lengths with keys and MIDI.

KeyMIDICycle length
Alt+Num10..12most recent 1 videos
Alt+Num213..25most recent 2 videos
Alt+Num326..38most recent 3 videos
Alt+Num439..51most recent 4 videos
Alt+Num552..63most recent 5 videos
Alt+Num664..76most recent 6 videos
Alt+Num777..89most recent 7 videos
Alt+Num890..101most recent 8 videos
Alt+Num9102..114most recent 9 videos
Alt+Num0115..127all videos