Horizontal lines are running up and down the image.
This is tearing. The only solution is to use Veejay mode; ordinary full-screen mode won't fix it.
The image flickers on a laptop or flat-panel display.
Try using Veejay mode. If that doesn't help, turn off any fluorescent lights, and try changing the Frame Rate. To isolate the problem, hook up an external monitor (a CRT, not a flat-panel) and see if the flicker goes away.
Whorld is non-responsive.
Try pressing Panic (Esc). If that works, it's a performance problem; get a better computer, or avoid using features that cause trouble. Otherwise, it could be a bug.
The animation slows down, or gets jerky or stuck.
See above.
The origin moves slowly, or gets stuck.
If the animation is OK, most likely Damping is set too high. If the animation is also slow or stuck, see above.
The image is frozen.
You might be in Pause: try pressing Space. Also Master Speed or Ring Growth could be zero, otherwise it could be a performance problem.
Editing parameters doesn't affect the image.
You're probably viewing the crossfader mix instead of the document; see View Mix. It also could be you're inadvertently editing something other than the document; see Edit Selection.
The cursor disappeared.
This is normal behavior in Drag Origin mode. Press Shift+D or Esc to make it reappear.
The origin is jumping around by itself.
You're in Random Origin mode. Use Image/Origin/Random (Shift+R) to stop it.
Whorld is switching to different patches by itself.
You're in Autoplay mode, or possibly Demo Mode.
The colors aren't cycling anymore.
You've created a hue loop; use Image/Loop Hue (F2) to clear it.
Increasing Lightness makes the image darker.
You're in Invert Color mode; use Image/Invert/Color (F4) to reset it.
The rings are contracting, but Ring Growth is positive.
You're in Reverse mode; use Image/Reverse (Backspace) to switch direction.
My MIDI controller is connected, but nothing's happening.
You must select your MIDI device, via the MIDI device setting in the Options dialog. Also you must assign properties to your controllers; see MIDI setup.
The scroll lock LED is flashing.
This indicates that you're recording a movie. Use File/Movie/Record or Ctrl+R to stop. If it was unintentional, you might want to delete the movie, because movies can be very large.
I lost some changes I made to my playlist.
The main menu's File/Save (Ctrl+S) saves the current patch, not the current playlist. To save the playlist, use File/Playlist/Save, or File/Save from the playlist dialog's menus.
I saved some files and now I can't find them.
They could be in the default output folder.
I get a DirectDraw error.
Make sure you have DirectX 8.1 or higher installed; you can check this by running dxdiag from the Windows Run prompt. In Display Properties (Control Panel/Display), select Settings, Advanced, Troubleshooting, and make sure the hardware acceleration slider is set to "Full". Also make sure you're using High color (16-bit) or True color (32-bit). If it's an older PC, try upgrading the graphics card.
I have some problem that's not addressed above.
Try viewing the demo; if that works, there could be something wrong with one of your patches, or your playlist. Otherwise, try resetting all options: open the Options dialog (View/Options or Shift+O), press the "Reset All" button, and then exit Whorld and restart it.