This setting controls the speed of the entire animation. The value is a percentage of normal speed, ranging from 5 (1/20 of normal) to 2000 (20 times normal). The default setting is 100 (normal). Note that at the lowest speed, the animation still moves, though very slowly; to freeze-frame it, use Pause.

Speed is implemented as a scaling factor. The following items are scaled (multiplied) by it: Ring Growth, Color Speed, and the oscillator frequencies for all parameters.

As speed is increased, the animation may appear jerky, because objects are moving further per frame. Jerkiness may also indicate performance problems. Jerkiness can sometimes be improved by increasing Frame Rate. Note that increasing the frame rate also speeds up the animation. To compensate for this, decrease the master speed proportionally.

Speed can be changed via the Master dialog or MIDI, or by moving the mouse vertically while holding down the middle button.