Missing Files

A playlist contains links to patches. If a playlist's patches are moved or renamed, broken links can occur. Broken links must be repaired before the playlist can be opened. If you try to open a playlist with broken links, Whorld displays the Missing Files dialog, which gives you the following options:

Search & Proceed
Searches ALL folders of ALL hard disks for the missing patches. This could take a long time, so only use this option when you have no idea where the missing patches are. If you know where they are, even approximately, it's much faster to use the "Open Dialog" option instead. When the search is complete, the playlist is opened. Patches that aren't found are removed from the playlist; see the warning below.
Opens the playlist immediately, regardless of broken links. The missing patches are removed from the playlist; see the warning below.
Open Dialog
Displays the Replace Files dialog, which lists the names of the missing patches, and allows you to browse for them individually, or search for them in specific folders. If you want more control over the repair process, or if you know where the missing patches are, even approximately, use this option instead of "Search & Proceed".
Cancels opening the playlist.

Warning: In all of the above cases except "Cancel", it's possible to open the playlist with patches still missing. If you save the playlist in this situation, the missing patches are permanently deleted from the playlist. To avoid doing this accidentally, save the playlist under a new name (using File/Playlist/Save As) before proceeding.