BMP to AVI converter

Disambiguation: If you're trying write your own application that creates an AVI file from bitmaps, you want the BmpToAvi DLL instead.

BmpToAvi converts a folder containing bitmaps (BMP files) to an AVI video file. It's built on the BmpToAvi DirectShow filter DLL, and doesn't use VfW so there's no 2GB limit. The bitmaps must be numbered sequentially, e.g. 000000.bmp, 000001.bmp, etc. Any number of bitmaps can be converted. Note that the bitmaps must all have the same attributes, i.e. frame size and bits per pixel. The application checks for inconsistent attributes and/or missing frames before the conversion begins.

Download BmpToAvi converter

The download contains the following items:

The converter application.
The DirectShow source filter; must be registered via reg.bat!
The filter's wrapper DLL; must reside in the same folder as the .exe!
Batch file to register the source filter.
Batch file to unregister the source filter.
Help file.

To run BmpToAvi, you must have previously registered the BmpToAvi filter, otherwise you will get the error, "Can't create BmpToAvi filter, Class not registered". Use the batch file reg.bat to register the filter, and use unreg.bat to unregister it. Also note that BmpToAvi.dll must reside in the same folder as the application.

The BmpToAvi application and its sources are free software under the GNU General Public License.

To contact the developer: Chris Korda.