Recording movies

To record a movie, use File/Movie/Record or Ctrl+R. The command displays a file dialog, allowing you to specify the output file's name and location. Press "Save" to begin recording.

Note that in Veejay mode, the file dialog is not displayed; in this case the movie is created in the default output folder, and its name is generated automatically. If the Use default folder option is set to "Always", recording a movie never displays a file dialog.

The movie is recorded at the current Frame Rate. The frame rate defaults to 25, which is fine for PAL, but not for NTSC. If you intend to encode the movie for an NTSC medium (e.g. NTSC DVD), you should change the frame rate to 30, otherwise the encoding may distort the movie, or speed it up.

A movie includes a frame size, which is set to the window size when you start recording. If you start recording before switching to full-screen or Veejay mode, the frame size will be incorrect. The movie can be resized later, but to avoid this step, go full-screen first, and then start recording.

The keyboard Scroll Lock LED blinks periodically while you're recording a movie. This allows you to verify that you're actually recording, even when Whorld is full-screen. Note that the blinking may not work on USB keyboards.

To stop recording, select File/Movie/Record or press Ctrl+R again. The animation may pause briefly when you stop recording.