The animation is normally displayed in Whorld's main window, but in dual-monitor mode, a secondary window, called a detached view, is created for the animation. The detached view can be displayed on a different monitor than the main window. This allows you interact with Whorld's GUI (graphical user interface) on one monitor, while viewing the animation full-screen on another. Note that this feature may not work under Windows 2000.

To run Whorld dual-monitor:

  1. Extend the Windows desktop onto the secondary monitor. The procedure for doing this depends on the type of graphics card you have; see below.
  2. Select Window/Detach.
  3. Drag the detached view onto the secondary monitor.
  4. Select Window/Full Screen or press F11.

To exit dual-monitor mode, press F11 to exit full-screen, and then close the detached view, or select Window/Detach again.

Here's how to extend the Windows desktop with an ATI Radeon X800XL. Other graphics cards will have a similar procedure.

  1. Connect the secondary monitor, turn it on, and power on the PC.
  2. Run ATI's Catalyst Control Center, and select "Displays Manager".
  3. Look for a monitor icon in the box under "Attached displays currently disabled". If it isn't there, something's wrong.
  4. Drag the monitor icon into the empty gray box above it, and to the right of the box containing the main monitor's icon. A pop-up menu should be displayed. Select the menu's last item, "Extend Main onto CRT".
  5. When asked if you want to keep the changes, select 'Yes'.