Main Shortcuts

+Tempo Nudge UpIncrease tempo by nudge percentage
-Tempo Nudge DownDecrease tempo by nudge percentage
=Tempo Nudge UpIncrease tempo by nudge percentage
Ctrl+AAutoplayPlay the current playlist
Ctrl+CCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Shift+CCenter OriginCenter origin within window
Shift+DDrag OriginEnable origin dragging
Ctrl+EExport BitmapExport the current image to a bitmap file
Ctrl+Shift+EExport AllExport all snapshots
Shift+FPatch FullLoading a patch affects all settings
Shift+GPatch GeometryLoading a patch affects geometry only
Shift+IMIDI SetupShow or hide the MIDI setup dialog
Ctrl+JCycle VideoCycle video clips in sync with tempo
Ctrl+LLoad SnapshotRestore one or more captured images
Shift+LPlaylistShow or hide the playlist dialog
Ctrl+MView MixView crossfader mix
Shift+MMaster SpeedShow or hide the master speed dialog
Ctrl+NNewCreate a new patch
Shift+NNumbersShow or hide the numbers dialog
Ctrl+Shift+NPlaylist NewCreate a new playlist
Ctrl+OOpenOpen an existing document
Shift+OOptionsShow the options dialog
Ctrl+Shift+OPlaylist OpenOpen an existing playlist
Ctrl+PPrintPrint the current image
Shift+PParametersShow or hide the parameters dialog
Ctrl+RRecord MovieRecord a movie
Shift+RRandom OriginEnable random origin
Ctrl+Shift+RVideo Random OriginRandomize video origin when mirrored
Ctrl+SSaveSave the current patch
Shift+SMake PatchSave the current mix as a new patch
Ctrl+Shift+SPlaylist SaveSave the current playlist
Ctrl+TTake SnapshotCapture the current image
Ctrl+VPasteInsert Clipboard contents
Shift+VPrint PreviewDisplay full pages
BackspaceReverseGrow rings inward
Alt+BackspaceUndoUndo the last action
Shift+BackspaceStep BackwardStep rings backward
Num DelVideo OffDisable video
DeleteClearClear window
Shift+DeleteCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
DownLess DampingDecrease damping
Ctrl+DownShorter CrossfadeDecrease crossfade time
EndLastGo to last item
EscPanicRestore default settings
F1HelpList Help topics
F10Random PatchGenerate a random patch from crossfader inputs
F11Full ScreenToggle full screen mode
Ctrl+F11VeejayToggle live performance mode
F12Auto FadeStart/stop automated crossfade
Shift+F12LoopEnable/disable looping of automated crossfade
F2Loop HueLimit hue cycling
F3Rotate HueRotate hue 90 degrees
F4Invert ColorInvert color
F5MirrorMirror image
F6FillFill area between rings
Shift+F6Invert FillToggle fill for all rings
F7OutlineOutline filled rings
Shift+F7Invert OutlineToggle outline for all rings
F8X-RayDraw rings with XOR pen
Shift+F8Invert X-RayToggle XOR pen for all rings
F9Random PhaseRandomize modulator phases
HomeFirstGo to first item
Shift+HomeRewind VideoAutomatically rewind clips before playing them
Ctrl+InsertCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Shift+InsertPasteInsert Clipboard contents
LeftNext Patch ALoad playlist's next patch into crossfader input A
Page DownNextGo to next item
Num 0Clip 0Select video clip 0
Ctrl+Num 0ROP DSnaAND inverted source with destination
Alt+Num 0Cycle 10Cycle most recent 10 video clips
Num 1Clip 1Select video clip 1
Ctrl+Num 1ROP DSnoOR inverted source with destination
Alt+Num 1Cycle 1Cycle most recent 1 video clips
Num 2Clip 2Select video clip 2
Ctrl+Num 2ROP SDnaAND source with inverted destination
Alt+Num 2Cycle 2Cycle most recent 2 video clips
Num 3Clip 3Select video clip 3
Ctrl+Num 3ROP SDnoOR source with inverted destination
Alt+Num 3Cycle 3Cycle most recent 3 video clips
Num 4Clip 4Select video clip 4
Ctrl+Num 4ROP DSaAND source with destination
Alt+Num 4Cycle 4Cycle most recent 4 video clips
Num 5Clip 5Select video clip 5
Ctrl+Num 5ROP DSoOR source with destination
Alt+Num 5Cycle 5Cycle most recent 5 video clips
Num 6Clip 6Select video clip 6
Ctrl+Num 6ROP DSxXOR source with destination
Alt+Num 6Cycle 6Cycle most recent 6 video clips
Num 7Clip 7Select video clip 7
Ctrl+Num 7ROP DSanAND source with destination, invert result
Alt+Num 7Cycle 7Cycle most recent 7 video clips
Num 8Clip 8Select video clip 8
Ctrl+Num 8ROP DSonOR source with destination, invert result
Alt+Num 8Cycle 8Cycle most recent 8 video clips
Num 9Clip 9Select video clip 9
Ctrl+Num 9ROP DSxnXOR source with destination, invert result
Alt+Num 9Cycle 9Cycle most recent 9 video clips
Page UpPreviousGo to previous item
EnterTempo ResyncResynchronize tempo
Shift+EnterStep ForwardStep rings forward
RightNext Patch BLoad playlist's next patch into crossfader input B
SpacePauseFreeze current frame
Shift+SpaceStepStep forward one frame at a time
UpMore DampingIncrease damping
Ctrl+UpLonger CrossfadeIncrease crossfade time
Shift+WWindow ZoomEnable window-centered zoom
Ctrl+XCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Shift+XCrossfaderShow or hide the crossfader dialog
Ctrl+ZUndoUndo the last action
Shift+ZZero ControllersReset all MIDI controllers to zero
[Tempo HalfDivide current tempo by two
\ConvexDraw rings in descending size order
]Tempo DoubleMultiply current tempo by two
_Tempo Nudge DownDecrease tempo by nudge percentage