Random patches

The crossfader can be used to generate random patches. Inputs 'A' and 'B' are hybridized, creating a new patch with a random mix of attributes from both inputs. The result is output to the crossfader mix. Note that the result will not be visible unless View Mix is enabled. To generate a random patch, use Edit/Random Patch or F10. To save the patch, use File/Save Mix or Shift+S. Until the patch is saved, be careful not to change the crossfader position, otherwise the patch will be overwritten.

The process affects the parameters and their oscillators, in a manner similar to interpolation. Each variable has a value in patch 'A', and a corresponding value in patch 'B'. If the two values are the same, that variable is unaffected. Otherwise, the variable's output value is a random number somewhere between the two input values. In effect, only the differences between the two inputs are randomized, which means that the more similar the inputs are, the less random the results will be.